documenting you, just as you are

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getting in front of the camera is never easy. when you trust your photographer and they make you feel comfortable, the process is very flowing and effortless.

we are told that we make the experience very fun, interactive, and comfortable. getting your photos taken or a film made about you, is very intimate. we strive to make your experience unique to you and your stories all while making sure you're comfortable. 

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Wandering Love Photography now offers film for the tender hearts wanting another way of remembering their most special moments. If you're anything like us, no amount of photos or videos are ever enough. We're always wanting to relive those special moments in so many ways - video does just that. Intimate moments of taking calming breaths or hugging can be felt much deeper. Memories like these are priceless.

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Eleopments are a full day of storytelling. Starting and ending whenever you choose, but if I were you I would document the full day. Waking up, grabbing coffee with your partner, showering and getting ready, traveling, and the many firsts that happen after you commit your lives to one another. These are all such special moments that shouldn't go undocumented. You're wanting to elope to be more intimate and unique, right? Travel fee's are waived until the end of twenty-twenty one. Let us get to know you and tell your unique story. I promise, you won't regret it.

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these photos and/or videos you hire us for aren't going to be the same as everyone else's, they're all unique to your individual story. we want to know the deep roots of your relationships to create the best possible experience and capture the most meaningful memories. Think of these photos as a stage in your life. Time is constantly moving and we seem to be moving faster as we get older. Let's pause and take a moment to appreciate all that makes us, us.