Hey y'all! We're Taylor and Matt, otherwise known as "the littles"


E V E R Y     L O V E      S T O R Y     I S     U N I Q U E

Ours began when we were seventeen. We don't necessarily call ourselves high school sweethearts because that's not when we fell in love. Love is a journey and we truly believe there is never a stopping point. You will never hit a maximum amount of love you can give or receive, so why not love in all ways and to everyone? We have a daughter (pictured above) who is the most amazing human we have ever met. Our love for her is growing every single day, and although we feel as if we could never love her more, when we wake in the mornings that love continues to grow. We choose to love each other every day no matter the circumstance. 

We have suffered an immense amount of loss in our families. Our videos and photos help us remember what it felt like to be hugged and held by them. We continue to share memories that we have with them whenever we pass a photo or video of them. This is our why. At the end of our time here, the memories you have in the forms of photos or videos are the possessions that have the greatest value to our families. Do you future self a favor and get connected with us; let us tell your story.