100% recommend Wandering Love Photo + Film! I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve gotten on our wedding photos. Every time I look at them I’m blown away and just feel so, so happy and grateful that we have such beautiful photos as memories. Taylor was our wedding photographer, but she’s also done a cute mini fall session with me and my daughter. Our home is full of photos from Wandering Love and I couldn’t be happier! She worked so well with my daughter (not even one year old at the time) and got the best shots. During our wedding, Taylor was an angel and a lifesaver! She spent the day getting the best photos, had all the best ideas for creative shots, and even helped with these last minute tasks I was trying to do. Weddings are stressful and Taylor was with us the whole day just making everything better and everyone feel comfortable. Our wedding party adored her and had the best time! There are so many photographers nowadays, and in my opinion the way Taylor edits photos… the lighting, the color, the mood… all the things… is so good. Our wedding pictures are gorgeous and romantic and completely fit the theme of our late summer/fall wedding. The mini session with my daughter was again, just perfect for fall themed photos. So between the way she interacts with her clients, just making everyone have fun and feel so comfortable; her professionalism; her editing style… I couldn’t recommend Wandering Love Photo + Film enough. I already have a vision for a cute little vowel renewal in the future and would want no one except Taylor. 🤍 The best of the best!!!